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Cookie Cutter or Customer Crusher?

Jason Roy

So you’ve decided you want to get into business. Or you’re already in business.

How’s it going? What are your plans? What are your goals?

For most business owners, the goal is always to reach new heights. As entrepreneurs, we are very difficult to fully satisfy. And, of course, that’s a good thing. Because it’s always pushing us to greater levels.

Oddly enough, even though the ultimate goal for most entrepreneurs is to make more money, or push their business to new heights, they don’t seem to know how to do that. This is why the vast majority of businesses you see are relatively stagnant.

So what are they missing out on?

In a word, individuality.

Don’t mistake this for a kindergarten class where your teacher told you you were special. This is real-world, and if you understand what we’re talking about here, you really can take your business to the next level – BIG TIME.


How many times have you seen the cookie-cutter website layout? The slideshow, then the section where we’re graciously informed what the business actually does.

Over, and over, and over, and over again! We’ve seen this hundred—if not thousands—of times! And get this – that layout is used by businesses that actually know modern design trends.

And it does look nice. But the problem is, every single business is using it! That’s okay if you want to forever be like every other business.

There’s no problem with that, actually. Not every business owner wants to be the innovator in their niche. But for those who want to reach the highest level of success, you must individualize your business.

Your business is an experience for the customer. Starting from the second they land on your site, you need to tug at their feelings – get them feeling what you want them to feel! What is your unique angle? What do you do in your business that no other business does? Why should a customer choose you over the competition?

If you can’t answer these questions, you’re in trouble. If you can’t answer these questions, what are you doing in business?

If you CAN answer these questions—and we sincerely hope you can—that’s great news. Because you now have an angle on how to individualize your business.

Individualizing your business is about telling a story. We, humans, hold stories very close to our culture. It’s how we learn, how we talk about life… it’s the foundation for our cultural existence.

So what’s your businesses story?

Do you sell paper? If you do, and your website says something like, “we sell cheap paper”, you’re doing it wrong!

Instead, you need to find a unique angle. Do you sell paper that’s more firm than your competitors? Excellent – an angle! Now, starting from the ground up, you need to present your website in a way that gets this story across to your customers.

Now that you know your angle, you need to know the angle your customers are looking for as well. This is the sweet spot – combining your unique angle with exactly what your customers are looking for.

So what are your customer’s problems? Are they sick of using flimsy paper because it tears when they use a pencil on it? Great, that’s the sweet spot! We now have the makings of a story. The story is, flimsy paper tears when a pencil is pushed directly into it. This is a problem because sometimes the pencil needs to be firmly applied. 

What’s that, a solution?! We sell firm paper that doesn’t tear when a pencil is firmly applied!

Glory hallelujah! 

Now, clearly, this isn’t the best example in the world. But it should show you exactly what I mean by finding the sweet spot. Look at all the top companies in the world – the businesses that have reached the TOP LEVEL. You’ll see they’ve all found their own sweet spot, and they sure as hell don’t look like every other business out there!

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