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Using the SEOSiteCheckUp Dashboard – Important Features

Jason Roy

There are a variety of tools available to assist with SEO efforts, so what makes the SEO Toolbox from better than all the rest? Speed, efficiency, and total analysis are the key features that make SEO Toolbox stand out, and with several different plan options and the ability to try it out for free for 30 days, there is no risk involved, so why not take it for a test spin?

The main dashboard offers all the available SEO features right at your fingertips, so you can find out exactly how your website or your client’s websites are doing with one click of the mouse.

General Analysis

Perform a full SEO checkup simply by entering your website address in the search box. Before hitting ‘Go’ you can narrow your performance search by specific factors in the drop-down box, or you can leave the [Select All Factors] box checked to get a full report on your website's performance.  

Below is a breakdown of each of the factors available:

Common SEO Issues

  • Meta tags analyzer
  • Most common keywords test
  • Hi and h2 tag test
  • Robots.txt test
  • Sitemap test
  • Favicon test and validator
  • Page objects
  • Code to text ratio
  • URL SEO friendly test
  • Google analytics test
  • Underscores in links test
  • Image ALT text
  • Inline CSS test
  • Media print test
  • Google preview
  • Keywords cloud
  • Depreciated HTML tags

Speed Optimizations

  • HTML page size test
  • HTML compression/GZIP test
  • Page cache test
  • Flash test
  • Nested tables test
  • Image expires tag test
  • Doctype test
  • Frameset test
  • Site loading speed test
  • JS and CSS minification test

Server and Security

  • URL canonicalization test
  • Directory browsing test
  • Libwww-perl acess test
  • Server signature test
  • Plaintext emails test
  • IP canonicalization test
  • Safe browsing test

Mobile Usability

  • Media query responsive test
  • Mobile snapshot

Social Media

  • Social media check
  • Social media activity

The full report offers an SEO score and shows you a detailed breakdown of what passed, what failed, and warns you about potentially harmful components on your page. Under each section, you are given a detailed breakdown of each test, as well as helpful tips on how to fix any problems, if any.

White Label SEO

White-label reports generate a detailed report on your website or a client’s website. Many SEO specialists who monitor client’s websites are responsible for offering a detailed SEO report each month to show progress, bring attention to weakened areas, and offer solutions for any problems that may arise. Having access to a full white label SEO report makes it simple to not only keep your own website organized and operating at optimal performance, but with just a simple click of the mouse, you can access a full report on any of your client’s websites as well.

You can even upload your own logo, so when you transfer the report to a client, it displays your company information on the top page. 

Site Loading Speed

How fast your site loads is not only important to your visitors, but to the search engines as well. One of the things Google looks at when evaluating your website is the bounce rate. It does not matter if you have done everything else right, if your page loads too slowly, visitors will leave the page before they ever fully see it. This affects your bounce rate, making you look irrelevant to Google, and irreverent sites get pushed to dead pages, or not placed on the SERPs at all. 

Website Monitoring

Have you been getting emails from clients that your site is not working properly, or that it is down? It can be frustrating to know that you lose clients and potential profit because you were not alerted to a downed server. Using the website monitor tool you can monitor your site in 15-minute intervals, or set up a visual monitoring session by the hour, the day, or even the week. 

Website Broken Links

Large websites consist of links, links, and more good links! It can be exhausting trying to keep up with all the links on a site, even smaller ones prove to be overwhelming for many website owners. The website broken links feature in the SEO ToolBox allows you to quickly check your ENTIRE site for any broken links. You are given a detailed report of all links checked, including anchor tags, image tags, script tags, and CSS style sheets.

For SEO specialists who take on the responsibility of various websites for clients, the time spent checking broken links manually is not only tedious, it is profit-sucking. Yes, most SEO specialists use their own favorite tools to check the links, but why use several different programs or sites when one has EVERYTHING you need?

Sitemap Generator

Google takes notice of how well you have organized your site, and your visitors have easier access to everything you have to offer if the site is professionally linked together. The more time a visitor spends searching for something on your site, the less time they actually stay on your site. This is not new news, and for most webmasters the task of organizing the site is simple. But, for some, it is one of the toughest tasks to accomplish, especially if more pages are added on a regular basis.

Instead of going back through and manually creating a sitemap, let the sitemap generator do it for you. You can have up to 500 links included, and with a simple click of the mouse, a sitemap.xml file is created that you can place in your root folder on your server.

Backlinks Checker

Backlinks have been a HUGE topic of controversy, but even so, they are still important to your website's overall SEO. Website owners still use backlinks, but they are becoming MUCH more aware of the importance of monitoring them. The backlinks checker tool offers a quick overview of all the backlinks on your site, as well as their domain authority and page authority ranking. You even get to see the last update that was made on the page with a quick glance. 

My Account

The top right corner contains your account name, and in the drop-down box, you can access your account information, upgrade your plan, or sign out of the ToolBox. When you click the ‘My Account’ link you are taken to the first page that displays your profile. Here, you can view or edit your contact information, change your password or even upload an image.

On the ‘Your Plan’ tab, you are given the opportunity to choose a plan that is right for you, or if you already have a plan, it displays the plan you have in place, as well as all that it offers. If you need help choosing a plan, there is a side-by-side comparison on key features offered on each plan to help you decide.

Choosing a Plan That Is Right for You

The side-by-side plan comparison chart offers a quick and easy way to decide what plan best suits your needs. But, if you still need some help deciding, here is a quick overview of each plan.

Personal Plan

The personal plan offers more than enough data for a basic website owner. It is best suited for someone who only has one domain to monitor.

  • Automatic Site Speed Monitor: 1 domain every 20 minutes
  • Automatic site uptime monitor: 1 domain every 20 minutes
  • Competitor analysis: 2 competitors

Webmaster Plan

The webmaster plan is designed for a business owner/webmaster with multiple domains. The plan allows for checking on multiple domains, so SEO specialists with a small to medium workload would do well with this plan.

  • Automatic Site Speed Monitor: 5 domains every 5 minutes
  • Automatic site uptime monitor: 5 domains every 5 minutes
  • Competitor analysis: 3 competitors

Professional Plan

The professional plan is designed for business owners/webmasters who have multiple sites to monitor on a regular basis. The plan provides the ability to monitor a larger domain base with little to no interruption. SEO specialists who have multiple clients who need regular monitoring would do best with this plan.

  • Automatic Site Speed Monitor: 10 domains every 1 minute
  • Automatic site uptime monitor: 10 domains every 1 minute
  • Competitor analysis: 5 competitors


There is no reason why you should have to use several programs to monitor your website/websites. With the ToolBox program, you are able to get a quick, accurate view of your entire site in just seconds. The tool is much faster than the tool located on the main page, so there is no waiting, and no downtime. 

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