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You Will be able to Think Outside the Box after this Article

Jason Roy

What if I told you business and making money is easy? You’d probably give me a blank stare. And so would the millions who have tried to start their own businesses and failed (although there’s really no failure in business).

Easy? What do you call 18 hour workdays, easy?

Sometimes, actually. If all it takes to make a significant amount of money is a few 18 hour workdays, that’s a lot easier than working eight-hour work days for a lifetime. 

But here’s what I really mean. There are billions of untapped ways to make money. All it requires is a little outside-of-the-box thinking.

There’s that phrase again, “outside of the box.” It’s a phrase that’s commonly used and 95% of people who use it don’t have a clue what it means (yeah, I made that statistic up). Funny thing is, by saying “think outside the box,” it almost encourages thinking inside the box of thinking outside of the box.

Don’t limit yourself!

You could do a Google search on how to think outside the box right now and you’d probably get a bunch of results. But I doubt any would really tell you how to think outside the box. Because thinking outside the box isn’t really an action – it’s the mindset.

I’m going to do something incredible in this article. I’m going to give you a mindset you can use to think outside the box. Brace yourselves…

All human fear comes from uncertainty. Your house creaks at 3:00 AM. Could be perfectly normal. Or it could be a crazy psychopath murderer about to violently destroy your essence. And even though logic tells you the odds of a murderer being in your house are next to nothing, you still fear it.

Why? Uncertainty.

You could get out of bed and check, but that makes it worse. Because if you don’t find the murderer, it doesn’t mean he’s not there… no, he could just be fantastic at hiding. 


Now think of starting a business. What stops people from starting a business? Uncertainty. Sure, it sounds like a great idea to quit a nine-to-five job and start a business. But what if it fails? What will the children eat? How will you survive?

Uncertainty stops people from starting businesses.

Now think of this. Have you ever come across a problem, tried to solve it then given up, viewing the problem as unsolvable? This is true for a huge number of people. In fact, we’ve gotten to the point where very few people are actual “problem solvers.”

It’s easy to look at this and say, “wow, we’ve gotten lazy.” But I say it’s not laziness that stops us from solving problems. It’s uncertainty.

If we’re uncertain a problem has a solution, we’re not going to work very hard at it. We’re going to do a certain amount of work, then when nothing works, give up. And it’s not because of laziness, it’s because of uncertainty. We don’t want to spend all our time on a problem that is unsolvable.

Here’s how you think outside the box:

View every problem as solvable. Every. Single. One.

This does something remarkable to your mindset. Instead of thinking, “I’ve tried everything, this can’t be solved,” you think “I haven’t solved it yet, there must be something I haven’t tried.”

This makes ALL the difference. This is how people come up with ridiculously crazy and innovative ways to solve problems. They realize since a problem exists, so does a solution… somewhere. 

So they keep working at it. They don’t give up, ever. If something’s not working, they try something else. They attack problems with the attitude of creativity, with an “anything is possible” mindset.

I’ve got a friend who wanted to get into major events for free. That was his problem, “how do I get into major events for free.” The solution? He created his own media company and messaged promoters for tickets.

He’s never been denied free tickets.

When any problem is viewed as solvable, outside of the box thinking comes naturally.

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